My module collection vision to create a workflow in VCV Rack with DAW like features and integration with OSC for an ultimate sound generation interface


I revised the design and removed what I had earlier. Check out the github repo I started here

The README explains the functionality of my modules. If you have any comments, please reply to this post! I plan to have the FRAME module and it’s expansions done sometime in the next two months.

The other modules will come later.


Just wow! Complete audio sequencing and everything is just crazy! Sounds like an incredibly massive project, though.

Yeah I imagine so, although I’ve found that a lot of the features exist already, they are just scattered across modules. For example I believe Entrian developed some pop up windows for editing midi and envelopes, there are also loop recorders that are not polyphonic made by Sonus, and trowaSoft made those modules that respond to OSC messages. The largest task would probably just be integrating all of these things.

Entrian’s sequencers are hard to beat, but I really like this project, and I will support it if need! :alien: :vulcan_salute:t2:

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And don’t forget, my Seq++ has more or least a polyphonic midi timeline, and has been around forever.


I’d wait to see what the timeline in rack 2.0 does before devoting man-years to this.


There’s a timeline in rack 2.0? Also about that, when Rack can be a vst, a lot of this functionality can be achieved in the DAW, though it will probably be a poorer interface, and less modular. For example I noticed one can’t introduce any feedback in the routing of tracks REAPER, signals can only flow one way.

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Nice! I never knew about it, I’ll be using this now.


Early on there was certainly talk of a timeline built into rack itself. I haven’t checked lately, but there is a lot of info here on Rack 2.

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I’m pretty sure @Vortico said that Timeline will be a commercial VCV module, released well after Rack v2 comes out.


Hey guys I recently updated the proposal and started working on it as well! Check out the github page.


Sounds massively ambitious, interesting to follow this.

Getting into it, not so much! I got some basic looping functionality done today with the FRAME module, and the rest is just refining the software and adding more features. The scope of the ‘Sound Interface’ section will be a bit larger, but it’s certainly doable! The longest part will probably be creating an OSC server in a VCV Rack module that reacts to a custom protocol and controls other modules.