My home-made Sample sets

Some samples I recorded and edited. Banging on stuff

Suitable for using in the samper module of your choice!


Oh you are a star, thank you so much!

Would these samples work with a Piano roll module? I would put them into a sampler and then feed that to the Piano Roll would that work?

There are many samplers that can load samples. If you want to load a bunch of these I might suggest @synthi’s Music Box 2 or other of his multichannel samplers.

Also there are a ton of Youtube tutorials on topics like that. Look in @Omri_Cohen’s YT page.

Oh fantastic, thank you! This sounds like just the sort of thing that I’ve been meaning to get hold of… I will download as soon as I’m back in front of my main PC!

Also you can make “daw style” sample banks as SFZ files and play them with SFZ Player.

I think this is great if you want to share sample sets, and there are soundfont players available in other apps besides Rack.

I have a feeling I’ll never do this though, since I never mess with Sound Font files. I feel guilty for that since you went to all the effort to make the SFZ player. :grin:

Actually someone needs to take my Hallway Samples, make a SFZ file, and share it far and wide!

Also: Icicles!

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Including a sample of me sneezing.

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haha - no reason you should feel bad about it.