my fixed jamrack try for improvisation and performances

I am right now working on a fixed jamrack and here is the first jam to see how it goes. The main idea is to use only Rack and the Maschine controller to make performances and improvisations more fun. I gonna also show you a picture of the patch and on patreon you can download it for some small donation.

Today I decided to make an entire album with liveperformances like this one. And my rule for that Album is to keep one or two last elements from the last patch to form the next piece. That way the songs of the whole album are somehow chained toghether. Can you find the elements i kept from the last one?


Sooooooper nice! Looks really great with the beamer, too!

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Iā€™m beginning to use Maschine in controller mode as well, lots of fun

Nice sunday music for a saturday

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Thanks and happy experimenting with your setup!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I enjoy that setup a lot! Have a nice weekend.

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very nice