My First Album now out

Well, as the title says, I’ve released my first album:

It’s up on Bandcamp and it is a collection of 6 songs - and one bonus track available on download - that I’ve made over the past year and a bit. Below are a few words about each track, as well as links to the patches

Track 1, Roll - A patch driven by Frozen Wastelands Euclidean sequencer, with some FMOP arps over the top:
Track 2, Pitch - A patch driven by JW Modules’ Bouncy Balls. 4 Macro Oscillator providing plucks, and a bass from the EvenVCO:
Track 3, Yaw - 3 self resonating Tangents, through chopper. A simple 4 to the floor from Trummor:
Track 4, Sway - Two polyrhythmic FMOP arps overlapping and evolving. Accompanied by some bloops and bass:
Track 5, Surge - Two heavily self patched Semi Modular Synths from Impromptu modular. Everything is improvised live ove MIDI:
Track 6, Heave - A self patched XFX Wave, driven by entropia, double by 2 FMOPs, into some modulated delay:

This album has been very fun to make, and it represents only a fraction of the experiments I’ve done with VCV rack, but these are my best. My thanks goes out to everyone on this community, for being so helpful and inspiring. Thanks also to @Vortico for creating such an amazing - and free - program, and @Omri_Cohen for being such a good teacher through his videos.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy,


Whoa Jim! This was a really enjoyable listen the whole way through, congrats on this project! 1, 4, & 6 are straight heaters, and everything in between balances the overall album so nicely. Loved it…

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Thanks. It really means a lot to hear that someone else - other than me - enjoys it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Jim!
Roll sounds really nice, and I will listen to the whole album at the first chance I’ll get :slight_smile:
Amazing work! I’m happy you enjoy my videos, thank you!


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Congratulations Jim and well done! Sway is lovely, I really like that one.

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Thanks Lars!