My findings while porting SubmarineFree to v2.

My findings while porting SubmarineFree to v2.

  • the property bool settings::paramTooltip has been replaced by bool settings::tooltips
  • app::PortWidget::Type has been replaced by engine::Port::Type

Stuck at the moment. I was starting to implement LightsOff widgets. But the API changed 5 days ago and the latest SDK is 11 days old.

Managed to unstick myself.

For now I’m porting against a v2 Rack that I built myself, rather than the SDK. Not ideal, especially since the version of Rack and the version of Fundamental that I checked out yesterday are not compatible. But I fixed them.

Ported my illuminated Knobs and the LA-108 (which has knobs and several other widgets that need to light up.)

There is a v2 branch of SubmarineFree, but it only has a handful of modules at present, I’m adding them back in a few at a time as they get ported.