MY 100 GO TO MODULES overview

Stoermelder MB is a module browser hack made as a module so you can add some very useful features into your current 1.0 browser such as favorites, hiding, sorting and proper filtering or return version 0.6 browser as well. In this video I showed all of its features. And the important moment that developer doesn’t have an intention (yet) to put this module in VCV Library so I hope this video will spread the word about this gamechanger tool over the web. You can download it from stoermelders github, link is placed below. And the second part of the video is my top 100 go to modules in VCV Rack in my personal music creative process or for making tutorials as well. I did it because people often asking for it on facebook and VCV Rack forum so I hope it can help with module choosing from my perspective. Warinin - this part can be pretty boring but hey - there are one hundred modules! :slight_smile:
Stoermelder MB link -