Mutli-sample playback module with adjustable loop points?

Hello! I have a bunch of single-shot instrument samples that have filenames like:



Is there any existing multi-timbral saple playback modules that will automatically load all of the samples, and “map” them across the “keyboard” based on the note values that are embedded in the filenames? Plus have adjustable loop points and ADSR? I’m considering making one if it doesn’t already exist. :slight_smile:

Some would probably suggest creating an sfz out of them… @Squinky has a module to play these and I think they generally support loop points. But I personally agree something more direct where you just name the files correctly would be intriguing for a use case other than classic “multisample” instruments.

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yeah, it would be super easy to make an SFZ file for this. They are text files, but not super wordy. More info here: SquinkyVCV-main/ at master · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main · GitHub

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Thanks for all of the feedback. It’s nice to know that a solution already exists!