In this video I will show you 20 different sounds of Mutable Instruments Elements or Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer in VCV Rack. Lots of different sounds here from rhytmical to ambient stuff so have fun while watching! This synth voice was under my “module radar” quite a long time but now I’m realizing the massive possibilities in Mutable Elements!


I loved to work with Elements when i was learning Vcv ! Lots of eurorack users think it’s too big (in HP), but i love it’s sound ^^
I will watch your video with great interest :smile:

Indeed. It’s a lovely one! For a eurorack user, it exists also in a small version called Atom by Atumbra.

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Belle recherche sonore :slightly_smiling_face:

Southpole’s Smoke was a smaller sized version for VCV. I miss southpole :frowning:

I think you can already grab the southpole beta :wink: anyway they will come back soon i think
Btw, smoke was a resize of clouds, not of Elements :slight_smile:

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I was streaming elements (Audible “Modal Synthesizer”) on stream last night. I always forget that to get it to make the bowing and blowing sounds you have to keep the button (or the cv trigger) activated. So, as always, I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to get all the knobs to do anything before I decided to press the trigger for a couple of seconds.


A quodlibet with Elements. :slight_smile:

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