Mutable Instruments Beads Question

I have been out of the loop for a good while and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Mutable Instruments beads being brought over to VCV? Had a look about and can’t see much on it other than early last year stating it could take 6 - 9 months.


I wouldn’t hold my breath, since by all accounts of what I remember hearing during the last couple of years, VCV has a huge backlog of work.

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Émilie has not released the Beads source yet.

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ok thanks for letting me know

Files for Blades and Beads will be published by Emilie around summer 2022.


ah great stuff, thanks for the insight

Oh, she’s not doing the “find the hidden easter-egg” any more? I suppose it’s better she has some more dedicated time for recuperating dev-costs/income and such (otherwise people would pile on it in the beginning and then “unlock” the source after only a short run).

Would be nice at some point of course!

Now - summer 2022. :innocent:

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And now spring 23?