"musical pals" 4 - collab project

the last musical pals collab was a few weeks ago, so i thought it’s time for a new one! i came across an old minimalistic patch of mine, which i took as a starting point. it has an interesting interplay between μgraph and caudal, reminiscent of the classic krell style generative patches.

feel free to add more voices and change anything to your liking. also, anyone can make youtube videos of any phase of this project, and it could branch off into different directions.

from the previous post i’ve lifted some rules:

  • Only use free modules.
  • One “voice” or part per user. No limits on number of modules, effects and processing.
  • You can also mute parts and take it in a different direction.
  • Avoid external samples if you can. We want it as portable as possible.
  • It would be nice if you add labels, so others can get a rough overview over who did what, for example with a Submarine TD-202. Still, don’t be afraid to change someone elses part.
  • Add your name in the patch file name before uploading. Credit where credit is due.
  • We’ll keep it going for as long as we want, hopefully our computers can keep up. :smiley:
  • IMPORTANT! Do not use Lindenberg Research Westcoast (bug)

musical pals 4 - ablaut.vcv (28.3 KB)
set your output, turn up the volume as needed, and have a bit of patience, as there can be quiet stretches…


may I add that one should provide download links for all modules used,
that are not in the plugin manager? (e.g. Southpole )

ah sorry, i forgot southpole version 1 still isn’t in the plugin manager. i can replace it with clouds.

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i updated the patch in the original post



Hi Ben, I’ve added a Vult voice to the patch,
I hope it fits your taste :wink:

musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_002.vcv (47.2 KB)


I tried adding some… Dust. :wink: Very discreet, directly dependent on the Caudal module. Add a little bit of grim touch.

musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_skwareuawe_002.vcv (47.8 KB)

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it does, it’s lovely!

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a bit of dust is a great idea! i’m just not a fan of letting it modulate the model in plaits. i’m thinking maybe the folding in debriatus? but that’s just me. i’m picky…

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I have added the Jamuudle Rampagophon. It includes a free module from the Klirr Factory - clock multiplier. For those who don’t have it you can get it from http://klirrfactory.com/product/klirrfactory-modular-mixer-for-vcv-rack-free-edition/

I really liked it as it was so wanted to add something subtly strange in there. Hope you like it.

musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_skwareuawe_jamuud_002.vcv (56.1 KB)


it’s become something i would have never imagined, and that is the cool thing about these collabs.

i have replaced the klirr clock multiplier with catronomix vcclock, which is available in the plugin library, and with some modulation it gives similar results. i have also changed the rampagophon instance of chronoblob to ping-pong mode and piped the stereo output to what i call my kolorifikator using vacuumba and rainbow, to give it more color, character, and subtlety.

i’ve tweaked a few things here and there, and all in all it’s become this big sprawling alien soundscape that would not be out of place in a vintage scifi film… happily i just did a major upgrade on my pc, and now it has no trouble running rainbow and two instances of plateau and of chronoblob.

here’s my tweaked version: musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_skwareuawe_jamuud_005.vcv (71.5 KB)


Lovely Patch you guys did !

this is really getting interesting, now I’ve added a sort of bassline, that is often burried by the other sounds, but sometimes comes up like heartbeat, I hope that you like it, or just delete it.

musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_skwareuawe_jamuud_006.vcv (81.5 KB)

As soon as I opened the patch, I have been greeted by a very “Blade Runner” like synth sound… :star_struck: AWESOME!

Also, very very smart the idea of putting the labels with the contributor’s name on it! :+1:
The bassline is truly inspiring, I think I will work on it this weeken… :stuck_out_tongue:

Made some changes here! Added a NYSTHI mixer and a kind of… Breathing machine.
I am quite impressed how the patch changed dramatically!
Someone should try to put some random generator to the levels of the mixer with some attenuverters, and see how it goes! :wink:

musical pals 4 - ablaut_rsmus7_skwareuawe_jamuud_007.vcv (91.6 KB)

why not add another exfor (extender for squinky labs form)? now you removed voices 1 and 2 from the aux1 fx chain and made them mono, tho they had a nice stereo spread before… of course, if that fits your vision for the patch, you’re free to pursue that course.

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Uhm, no, that wasn’t my intention. I will redo something there! :smiley:

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any news on this?

i tweaked version 005 some more, and am ready to record that, because i don’t feel we need more bass content. and it should be interesting to record different versions, and get different people’s take on it.

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