Multitrack recording

I have followed Omri’s Ployrecorder video and multi-tracks saving just fine but is there a way of having the send effects baked into each track rather than the effects saving in their own tracks?


That is only possible if you have one effect module per track (which is then not using the effect sends, but is instead conected only to one track).

Take reverb for example, in the conventional setup with one reverb module, if you have reverb sends on all 16 tracks then the reverb module’s output is inherently the mixed reverbs of all tracks. So with only one reverb module, it’s impossible to have 16 separate reverb signals, unless you find a polyphonic reverb and patch things up accordingly! :slight_smile:


Marc, thank you! Thats given me some food for thought about patching in the future. First time i’ve recorded out stems so very useful info.

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