multiple midi map modules and strips

I’m using STRIP for the first time to make a row of modules for each song in a live set. three rows total. each row has its own midi map module and audio interface module. there is only one midi controller, but three different mappings and midi modules.

my plan for the live set is to only have one of the three strips enabled at a time, can this cause any kinds of issues ? if i accidentally have two strips enabled at the same time would anything get screwed up?

reference video here

Maybe use a switch to make sure only ONE is selected, f.i. like this ? Switch off the ones you are not using ?

And you can even use a fourth CV Mmt to the fourth output going nowhere to switch everything off.

Or like this, using PatchMaster buttons set to Radio Button means you can only have one selection at a time, (or change them to Latch buttons is you want to have two or more) and you can jump from 4 to 2 without switching through the other options.

This also switches the output of the 4 VCOs so only one is Solo’d in the mixer.

Destination Switch.vcv (14.6 KB)

Destination Switch.vcvss (38.5 KB)

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