Multiple mappings on BeatStep Pro

Hello everyone!

I would like to use the knobs of the BSP for multiple mappings in VCV, e.g., in mode 1 knobs are mapped to change various oscillators settings, in mode 2 to they are mapped to mixer levels, et cetera, while being able to flexibly change between modes. Mode switching would ideally happen through button presses on the BSP itself, so that I minimise interaction with the laptop/keyboard while making music. I wanted to asks for ideas, and pointers where to start with this.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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On BSP you can change midi channel of control mode on the fly via Chan Button. If you assign different channels to different “modes” that gives you 16 modes with 16 knobs each. If that’s not enough you can use Arturia software to assign different CCs to knobs in different projects (and switch between projects seamlessly) which will basically multiply your possibilities 8 more times :slight_smile:


Excellent, using different channels and switching them live is such a neat solution – thanks a lot!

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