MSM is back

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that the MSM suite of modules is now back and in V1 pre-release. About two weeks ago the developer of MSM (Michael Struggl aka Phal-anx) kindly decided to open source the suite so that we could all enjoy it again in V1. I’ve communicated with Michael and agreed to “adopt” the plugin starting with full V1 migration and maintenance. After two busy weeks, the suite is ready for pre-release and is available at its new GitHub home at: The binary builds can be downloaded at the Releases section. If you don’t see the zip files make sure to click and expand on the “Assets”.

I would really appreciate receiving feedback of any major issues you can identify as I would like to “beam” it (thanks @steve for coining this) to the Plugin Manager as soon and as clean as possible.

UPDATE: MSM 1.0.0 release is now available in the plugin manager. :tada:



And another one bites the dust!

Or rather, the reverse of that!

Thanks @netboy3


Awesome work. Just tested on linux and they all load and there is backwards compatibility with the delay module at least. I had no idea there were so many, a few I recognise but there’s a lot more than I remember. So nice of the dev to open source it.

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Fantastic work “Netboy” so good to hear it is as good as back! Thanks for the adoption and work you, and as always thanks to Michael for this fantastic set of modules.

Thanks Netboy, for this one but also for porting,

  • 8mode
  • 21kHz
  • Qwelk
  • Southpole
  • and southpole parasites,

did I forget one ? :smiley: (LFSR)?

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What a legend

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Is there a specific reason to why DualDelay setting/knobs are not recalled when opening a patch that was made prior to V1?

I find that the patches i open sound different and have all knobs reset in DualDelay. It might be that this is unavoidable?

Oh I didn’t notice if that’s the case.

Confirmed !, in my case it jumps back to 500 ms on both Left and Right. while it should have been 1/4 and 1/8d.

Would one of you mind sharing one of those old patches?

Sure , you’ll get a lot of “not found” complaints but here is one: Left should be 1/4d right 1/8d.

Berlin School - 26052019-2DRUMS-2.vcv (62.1 KB)

And this is what the rest of de settings LOOK like…


msmdelay_confused_version1.vcvm (1.3 KB)

@netboy3 Don’t know if module presets should be cross compatible between major versions, but loading a module preset doesn’t work either. This is a prior to V1 , preset.

Thanks for sharing. This might be a bug in Rack. When V1 came out a restriction was put out for naming the “slug” which is the identifier of each module that it must not contain spaces. There are a few modules in MSM that had a “slug” with a space in it - including “Dual Delay”. To maintain backward compatibility, Rack is supposed to trim those spaces away when it loads old patches and doesn’t seem to do so when loading parameters (it does do it when loading the module itself). I’ll be looking into it, so hang in there… :smiley:


topnotch! :vulcan_salute:t3::wink:

You are right as soon as I remove the space between Dual Delay in the vcv file it loads with the right settings.:thinking:

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Confirmed to be a Rack issue. I’ve opened a bug report for @Vortico regarding this. Hopefully this will be fixed so you guys can load your old patches without re-tuning the modules.


Thank you @netboy3 :+1:

Welcome home Dual Delay module!

@Vortico has fixed Rack overnight and it is now correctly loading old patch files with non-compliant slug names such as “Dual Delay”. We are so lucky to have Andrew be so diligent. I’m not sure when is he even taking a nap. Anyways, you can either build Rack from HEAD by yourself, wait for Rack to be updated to 1.1.7 or use @Yeager’s workaround and edit your .vcv or .vcvm files with a text editor and change all “Dual Delay” to “DualDelay”.


Ace! Thanks @Vortico , @netboy3 I guess i’ll wait for the update :slight_smile:

MSM is now available in the plugin manager. Thank you for everyone that have tested the pre-release.