MSM ADSR: CV S what am I doing wrong?

In VCV-Rack 0.6.2c
Out of LFO-2 (from Fundamental) in CV S of MSM’s ADSR make VCV crashes.
I’ve been looking if this topic was already a thread (here, GitHub …) but found it no where. Am I doing something in the wrong way ?


It shouldn’t crash. If you post the .vcv file, or at least a screen image, other people can try it and see if the crash can be reproduced. That will help narrow down where the problem is.

Also let us know which OS you are using :slight_smile:

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You can see the cursor of the mouse on the CV s of the ADSR because as I release it vcv crashes. So I took a picture with my phone.MSM%20ADSR


On a Mac Book Pro (Mojave 10.14.2 (18C54)

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Yes, that crashes here too (on Wind10Pro). Could be a bug with MSM’s ADSR. For now try another ADSR - for example, DADSR(H)+ from BogAudio has CV for sustain.

Thank you for the quick answer ! I have tried it with another lfo (AS) but it’s the same. It must be a adsr issue.

Crashing here too (10.11). Definitely MSM ADSR.

MSM ADSR crashes if slider + cv > 10 volt

Hey Guys. I m the creator of the MSM plugin. Gonna release an update in the coming days where this problem is fixed. Thanks for posting this issue.

EDIT: the update will most likely come tomorrow evening CET.


Thank you !

for those of you who dont want to wait until the update is in the plugin manager.

you can get version 0.6.51 here: