MrLumps Seq-Euclid -- questions about function

So someone got MrLumps working for 1.0 VCVRack, and it’s really not documented at all, to the point where nothing has a text label. I’ve kind of puzzled it out, but if anyone else has any input. Here’s what’s going one, but there is a knob at the top left-hand side, and two trigger outs at the bottom whose purpose isn’t clear to me.

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top right (?left) is pulse width.

edit the bottom outputs are some kind of mixer for all the channels.

Anyway, thanks to the person that did the port. I’m sure I used this unit in the past and it has some interesting possibilities.

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What I like is that the pattern length per-channel can be large, so you can get long repeating sequences. For extra fun combine with @jeremy’s GridSeq, with different trigger outs on the forward, backwards, up and down trigger inputs.

Oh and use a @stoermelder 8Face to allow you to switch between different tuned presets.


Readme is here: