MPE Broken

Is it just me or is MPE totally broken? In standalone and as a VST in Bitwig, it is not working at all. I did have it working before using the OddSound MIDItoCV and sending the v/oct and PW to a sum for slide, but now it’s not tracking anymore. I never was able to make it work with the VCV midi module. I was really excited to get moDllz MIDI Poly+MPE back, but it isn’t working either. Can anyone confirm? I use MPE all the time with other vst’s, so I’m pretty sure it’s not user error.

On a MAC Catalina

Yes, my understanding is that MPE is known to be broken right now (2.06), and will be fixed.

For MPE I’m using AHornberg MidiPoly right now. Working weill with both my Sensel Morph (out of the box) and my Haken ContinuuMini (requires specific settings on the HCM).

I like MidiPoly’s simplicity: w, x, y, z outputs. (gate, v/oct, mod, pressure).


Ah, thanks, I will try that. I’m using a linnstrument and a seaboard.

Works perfectly! Cheers :clinking_glasses: