Moved portable sequence format documentation

This information is now in my repo that has most of my other developer information. For those who haven’t run into it before, it’s a clipboard format used by at least 4 VCV devs to exchange note data between sequencers.

For those who have never been to the site, there’s some pretty good info there, especially for new devs. Including a bunch of example plugins.

Here’s the table of contents:

Table of contents
Plugin Licensing Issues
The demo VCOs
Using the CPU meters in VCV Rack
Effect of delays using Host plugin
Writing efficient plugins
DC on module outputs
Measuring aliasing. Deep link into demo VCO documentation
Comparing FM and Phase Modulation
Portable Sequence Format for clipboard

And here’s the link: GitHub - squinkylabs/Demo: A collection of code and articles of interest to VCV users and developers.


Thanks for the post, I updated the link in my manual accordingly :+1:

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It’s still in the old place, but that place is getting pretty dead. And there was no easy way to find it. Now there is a link in the main TOC.

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Many thanks for your efforts Bruce! Very useful and educational.

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