Motu mk4 lite c/v consistency

Good morning from the westcoast. I was curious if there is any other windows users out there that are having hard times getting consistent c/v out of vcv. This is a slight step down in the voltage when I run it out of my motu analog outputs to my modular osc. I use ableton to meditate the connection. Just looking for other users experiences

Digital signals on the range [-1, 1] map to analog voltages [-10V, 10V] on only one audio interface I’m aware of currently, the Expert Sleepers ES-8. All other audio interfaces are scaled by some other voltage than 10V.

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hmmm… I could be off on this, but my experience with the MOTU Ultralite Mk3 + Max/MSP sending (-1, 1) has given me full voltage range, provided I’m using correct cables, etc.

@nonprofit95 - is it possible that the volume on yr interface itself is turned down, or something is off on the gain staging in Ableton, thus attenuating the audio-as-voltage out?

@matthew.d.gantt - A max msp solution was something I was thinking about. Ive used one guys max device a while ago that held as far consistent correct voltages go. I just remember there being an issue trying to get max,vcv, and ableton all talking at the same time.

How would I be able to check my gain staging? Now that you mention it, I remember the drop off in c/v mostly occurred when being processed through abletons track channels

There have been several posts about this on the FB group, check those out and read inside the comments.
Maybe you’ll find some information there that is of value for you.

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Maybe you also want to mention that you use VCV bridged through Ableton via the bridge plugin.
Cause i get the impression you are doing that,
when you say that you use Ableton for that connection.

@Eurikon I was not aware of a facebook group.
I get the impression that you have a motu as well.
Have you ever tried using strickly max devices?
" From what i understand the dc coupled outputs have a limited work-field/range, you will be able to control some stuff (more suited for trigger/gate/clock/LFO).
Some other stuff (such as consistent pitch control, precise envelopes/very precise modulation) is better done through the MOTU ADAT port to an ADAT converter in your Eurorack ES3 etc.
Don’t take my word for it, do your own testing and research, and measure with a volt meter!!!"

I’ve only ever seen consistent pitch control (floating ring cables) with my motu when ran through max as @matthew.d.gantt described

I can’t confirm your findings, nor can i confirm other peoples findings. Since i do not use Eurorack hardware yet, hence the " don’t take my word for it…"
Yes i do have MK4 UL, but i use it very differently, for the time being.

But from what several people posted, i read that some are able to get working consistent cv control, albeit for pitch within a specific range of octaves, for pitch control.
I don’t use max for cv control to external hardware.

Maybe you could snoop around the Eurorack FB page and Muffwigglers website and post your same question there.
Geared towards MOTU (MK UL4) users that use it with Eurorack and are willing to share their findings with you?

dang, great info on this thread, and thanks for the links @Eurikon !

@nonprofit95 - totally feel you about running everything at the same time. It used to feel a little more friction-less when I was back on OSx, but since switching to PC it’s been a bit kludge-ier.

In any case, w/r/t gain staging, could be worth double checking that the master/main volume on the interface itself is at unity (full?) so that it’s not attenuating anything – also maybe worth just playing with the volume fader on the Ableton track itself to see how it affects things.

If you want to double check with Max, you can just send a cycle~ object or sig~ object out one of the channels of the DAC~ to confirm you’re sending a full -1/+1 range.

It’s not possible to get a full (-10v / +10v) range on the Ultralite. See the charts at the bottom of this page for reference :

What is possible is to restrict to a lower range and calibrate the output with attenuation to have correct tuning.

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I stand corrected!

Looks like the MK4 has an 11.2 v range, so possibly still useful, i suppose

I’ve never been left wanting when using my MOTU MK3 with Silent Way for pitch calibration, or Max for general modulation, though good to know the numbers on this