Motu 828 mk3 CUFX question with VCV [Solved]

Hey all, I am trying to use my Motu 828 MK3 to link my VCV rack + HW Modular. I am using an ADAT cable to connect to an ES-3 - which i want to use to send CV to my modular via VCV. I am attempting to use the Audio 16 channel by RCM to capture the extra CV ports… Since I have 16 of them with the 828 + es-3. However I can only get the last two CV ports from the Es-3 to have a signal with the audo 16 module by RCM. Is there a way to change the port numbers such that the ES-3 via ADAT can use all its ports with the RCM 16 audio interace module? Anyone familar with this crazy stupid programme Cue FX by Motu?

All the best. Would be great to get this work and i hope it can help others!

You can try this one:

just downloaded that! Awesome thank you so much for making this! Problem = SOLVED