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The CPU usage issue is fixed. Not sure when it will be available since I just pushed a bug fix release that has not hit library yet, but soon :smiley:

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Here is my “not so ambient” approach to Omri’s fixed Rack (the fun starts at around 1:30 min):

Was fun to play around with, thanks @Omri_Cohen !

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Oh, nice one! Well done :slight_smile: How was your experience working with this patch?

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It is curious to see what options for solving the problems you propose. So far, everything works fine for me, but advice for the future, in case of a problem, will not be superfluous.

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I don’t know what you mean here

Me neither, I think you might have mixed up something?

Anyways, I reworked the LFO-Stack with the BPM-LFO (V1). I will change a few things in the patch, but I am actively talking with a few devs about some feature requests I have. When and if there are improvements I am happy to release an updated version of the Patch and I will let you know.

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I haven’t gotten any feature requests :cry:

It was a lot of fun. I would not use every module in there (I am normally happy with one delay and reverb and cannot get something useful out of Clouds). I was missing some euclidian / polyrhythm-module, but I used the 8-to-1-switch for that. Sampling is always a lot of fun, and the simpliciter is a wonderful tool.

So if I had to change something it would be Gate-Seq → Div-Seq / Clouds → Harmonaig / Sangster → Turing / Ambuance → Eugene. The amount and selection of ENV, VCO, VCA, VCF, LFO was nearly perfect (maybe Squinkys F2 instead of Valleys Feline, but that is down to individual taste and I am a complete Squinky Fanboy). :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your feedback!

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Easy answer to that: I am happy with your modules :grinning: :+1:

QAR > Eugene, just sayin :grin:

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That interesting. In my mind (and on paper) certainly Feline seemed to me the closest filter to F2, both having two two pole filters mixed together. I never did a direct compare. My guess is that in some ways they are similar, and in some ways completely different?

They are very different soundwise. The only setting I could find, where they are nearly identical is when you turn everything to zero on both and then use an envelope to get a sweep. And even then the interpretation of the envelope is different (more even on the F2 I would say). The tonality when you turn up the resonance is very different, and your R-Control is musical, the SPC on Feline is not so defined. And there is no way you can get the snap of the F2 (with the Limiter in Alt-Off-Mode) in Feline. And that was just the sound, Polyphony, CPU-Consumption (16 voices through the F2 = Feline in Stereo). The only thing missing is the drive, but if I remember correctly you wanted to design an abolutely clean filter and there are a lot of other drive options in VCV. Feline is a nice sounding filter, but F2 is topping that for me.

Nice, good to hear! Yeah, it’s not so much that I wanted F2 to be clean all the time as that I didn’t want to use all the cpu to decent distortion. But I’m glad it. Ended up being a kind of unique sounding thing.

Just a quick tip here for dual mapping one controller to two sources, since multiple mappings on one control seems to be not possible in VCV.

I wanted to save presets on @stoermelder 's transit, but still be able to control the mapped controls via midi. Here we go: Knobs (as an example) is mapped to 23Volts Multimap and the Multimap-Button is mapped to Transit.

I think if Transit had a Midi-Cat-Expander, that could be useful (expecially since 23Volts github seems to be gone…). Oh, and the option to receive and switch presets via program change. And 128 presets of corse… I think I need to head over to Ben’s GitHub :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: … first issue on Ben’s GitHub is already about dual mapping… :joy:

A big thanks to @hemmer for porting befaco percall! I am finally able to post this tiny techno patch, which I am working on for a while now.

It is inspired by ‘mylarmelodies’ TINY live techno eurorack synth and I recommend watching his video first, to understand what’s going on.

Here is the patch on patchstorage:

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very cool. I like this video with lots of info in the titles and no talking. And the way the pads are hooked to that module, seems really slick. good stuff.

Thanks, I don’t want to confuse anyone with my flawless german accent :stuck_out_tongue: So subtitles are the only option :wink:

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Doing good voiceover/ narration is very difficult.

Maybe you could hire @Cabotage_KSM’s Robota to do the job. :robot:

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My entry for @Omri_Cohen 's Day of the Dead Giveaway.

My ideas behind the patch:

I “accidentally” patched Nitrous in a feedback loop while doing some ping-testing with it and it happened to self-oscillate at clock speeds with a usable waveshape for clocking a sequencer (upper Scope). With Resonance at 100% and Cutoff quite low, the Drive Control becomes a Speed Control.

There are two “Nitroclocks” at different speeds running a seq-8 each, which are pinging the second pair of nitruos with different speeds.

I wanted to get out as much as possible from those two nitroclocks, so the first pair of S&H (VCV Random - botton left) is sampling the waveform of one nitrous, while triggered by the other one. I use those modulation for different things all over the place, one output goes to a quantizer and then as V/Oct to the Geodesics Energy. The second pair of S&H is used for a slower and more slewed modulation, which is among other things modulating the speed of the nitroclocks.

I use a mixer for each stereo-side while patching everything in both mixers but modulating one input with a CV, while the other one is modulated with the same CV, but inverted, to get a panning effect.

The Delays are modulated in Speed to get those chirping-sounds and in Feedback on the Geodesics Energy.

I change the quantization from Cmin to Omris favorite scale to finally land on a Cmaj.

Here is the patch for you to play around if you like:

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