morphing with inputs

Hi everyone …

I am looking for a morphing module with inputs and with indicators which input is active … thnx!

If i remember right pulsar does that

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yes, it moves according to the volts in one direction and back when the volts fall, that’s what I wanted, but the stations overlap a lot, so I can’t determine the values according to the clock.

… but right now I noticed that ML SEQ SWITCH behaves the way I need it, through Step output … I didn’t know yet why the Step output is there :slight_smile: … but thank you for the answer!

There are also these 3, not sure if they will fit your use case.

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Thank U very much … from 23VOLTS it looks good … I just wanted to create something with a clock, for example this vinyl scratch :slight_smile:

*on Bogaudio SWITCH need to have Latch turned on …