More samples - The Hallway Sessions

I have some other sample sets I’ve recorded. For the Icicle samples I literally went outside when it was -10F and recorded tapping on and breaking icicles.

The Hallway samples are when I set up a mic in the basement hallway and banged on a bunch of scrap wood, furniture, sheet metal. I don’t remember everything I used.

Hallway Samples 1

Hallway Samples 2

Icicle Samples


Thanks! These are great. Will be great for granular sounds.

Hello there, have these been put up here before? Seem to remember the names and descriptions. Much appreciated.

Haha @ady34 turns out I forgot I’d posted them before.

But I didn’t post the Icicle samples before! :grin:

But also here’s my Yamaha MR10 drum machine samples

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You had definitely posted the first Hallway sample one somewhere, as I had it kicking around for a long time. Thanks for the others!