Moonlit Microtonal Live Stream

Hi all,

I have started a stream to explore unconventional tunings and techniques in Rack. Rack will always have my gratitude for making it relatively easy to get into these topics . I will be streaming on Youtube at 5pm GMT most evenings for around an hour. I also get into a variety of other software and live coding, visuals, I try to document my process.


Here is a github repository with project files etc:

Thanks for reading and watching, Dom

hi dom, just watched your stream. I’m jealous of your skills. If you want any advice about streaming feel free to ask (like how to capture vcvrack video).

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Thanks. Will do. I might need to ask you about the chroma key stuff again.

There’s chroma key and colour key. I always use color key because it seems to work better. Also if you can’t get window capture to work with vcv try using game capture. You need to tell it which window to capture and wait a couple of seconds for it to come up.

Ah nice that’s what i wanted :slight_smile: . Thanks for the tips.

12-tone Pythagorean Acid tribute to Sir Richard Branson, who is a friend of the stream.

It starts after around 13 minutes.

Voxglitch Bytebeat and Microtonal Jingle Composition In Rack - Night 1 Lunation 1

Some sound design for the video intro to the stream. Producing the music and sound design for the intro and idle loop of the stream will be the main objective for this lunation.

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I made a glitch/breakcore machine.

Generative ambient stuff in Just Intonation

You can also find a link for a github repository with project files here (I have all of the free modules):

I used the CV MIDI module with Reaper and Vital for a generative sketch

I generated a B Section