monophonic low last high priority

I see that this has been asked awhile ago but is there currently a way to get low or high note priority using the MIDI-CV module or equivalent? For monophonic, I mean.

Not in front of my pc right now to check, but to get low note priority think I set the MIDI>CV to polyphonic with type Reset then piped the output to a Split module and took what I want to be the mono pitch out from its first channel, think that worked.

No idea how you’d do similar for highest note priority.

I dont think this works it just outputs the first played note instead of the one that is lowest in pitch

Yes, same. Will have to check through saved stuff. I know I did one which worked with an arp as I wanted to keep the bass note out of the arpeggio.

this works for high note priority

yes, the compare module was the bit missing. Same but using min will give you low note priority.

I think that only works if all your V/Oct values are >= 0V. I don’t think that is a safe assumption.

You can’t simply pass 0V if the given channel gate is low, you need to pass a value that is lower than the lowest possible note that you might receive from the keyboard. Then you can safely take the max value.

You also need to OR the gate across all the channels to get a monophonic gate signal.

There are ways to do all this with existing modules in the library. But I think the simplest is with the Bernoulli Switch from my new Venom Modules plugin that is still in beta testing. Hopefully it will be in the library soon, but in the mean time you can get the binaries by following the link(s).

The solution below can work with as many as 16 poly channels, always giving the highest V/Oct that is currently pressed, and also providing a mono high gate as long as at least one note is pressed.

The Bernoulli Switch is set to Gate mode, with 100% probability. For each channel from the keyboard, it only passes the V/Oct value at the A Input to the A Output if the gate at the Trig Input is high. Otherwise it passes the B -10V offset to the A output.

The Count Modula PMM (Polyphonic Min/Max) MAX Output sends the highest value found across all the input channels.

The POLY LOGIC OR Output sends a high gate as long as at least one of the input channels is high. The 1 sample delay from the SD module is needed to keep the V/Oct and Gate outputs in sync.

For low note priority, simply change the Bernoulli Switch B Offset to +10V, and switch to using the PMM MIN output.

It is almost as simple to get the same solution using the VCV Fundamental FADE module - you just need one extra module to provide the -10V constant CV for the low gate state


Those Count Modula poly modules are neat. Saves you from having to split polyphony. I try to keep my module list as small as possible but I added a few of them.