monome plugin not showing in VCV 2.3.0 and not updating

Monome plugins seem to only work with 2.4.0. But there is no official VCV 2.4.0 to download. Therefore there is no monome-brand and no plugins available. Monome shows as to be updated but does not update.

;; Mac mini m2 pro ventura 13.4.1

Try VCV Rack 2.4.0 pre-release ?

Yep, 2.1.4 and later require VCV Rack 2.4.0. If you need an older version for 2.3.0 you can download it here. (The required VCV Rack version is listed for each release.) Releases · Dewb/monome-rack · GitHub

Thanks. did so. I have expected that versions that require a beta-version of VCV are not offered as update in an official version.