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My first module, Network, has just hit the vcv library! I’m very proud.

Network is a node-based polyphonic sequencer. You can construct repeating sequences with it by self-patching it to connect its nodes together.

p.s. Editing this post rather than making a new thread as i assume this is the done thing.)


welcome to rack! this looks interesting, I would try it if you could share a linux build or sources!


looks interesting,
do you have a little manual?
or can you explain it a bit?

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@rsmus7 @unlessgames
manual and source here!

Hey Mog happy to see you here :smiley:

I have yet to really understand it but I got great sequences by accident

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Looks crazy good, looking forward to giving it a whirl!

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there is something interesting in this module. but it crashed VCV several times when I wanted to delete it from a patch.
When you update it, I would like to test new versions, but I need a compiled win version.

sorry about that, if you were using the compiled win version i initially uploaded that should be a known (& fixed) bug. when i get the current version to a stable state i’ll upload a new build.
thanks for taking a look!

Decided to simplify the design a little, it no longer “relays” signals, simply sends triggers.
The upside of this is that sequences should behave more as you would expect - I wasn’t satisfied with how “loops” in node connections resolved with the old system.
The (afaict unavoidable) downside is any gates you input will not be preserved in the output, since they become triggers. Hence there is now a gate length parameter, though of course for a monophonic setup you can simply reuse the input.
Anyway, edited the OP to include the new windows build and the changes are up on the github master branch. Hope you will try it out if you haven’t already!

been messing around with this and it is quite nice, happy to see a module where self-patching is the main interaction! only thing I wish for is more space around the “router” knobs, or just smaller knobs so they don’t overlap the ports, but this is just ocd. :wink:

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@fractalgee He’s on the forum also! :slight_smile:

it’s true

Excellent module, Mr. Mog! :slight_smile: I am very impressed by it’s flexibility and after an hour of quick modding and experimental rerouting of various ins & outs I got nice “instant rhythm’n’melody” generator. Just add STRIP with exclusive randomizing (e.g. with fixed Attenuation of about 37.5% for +/- 5Vs) + any quantizer (I even didn’t bother to choose scales - just used full 12-notes standard). Many thanx and hope to see it soon in official library.
Just one small request - please, make visible 2 Bypass buttons, it would be better to see if they are on or off.

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Thanks for your kind words! I’ve submitted to the vcv library now so it should go up with the next batch, so to speak.
I’m not sure i understand what you’re requesting exactly, something like having the button light up? at the moment the light on the node’s knob changes colour, but i think i prefer your idea actually.

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Well, you got me right :wink: Yes, that’s what I asked for. Definitely, it’s not a big deal, but IMHO it’s better to see if those buttons are working or bypassing :slight_smile: And thanks again, I really liked it. P.S. Yet another obvious idea to add - triggers (CVs) for switching Bypass buttons on/off + m.b. CV’s for note values for each step :cowboy_hat_face:

hi, just to let you know that i just missed the boat on getting your request implemented in 1.0.0 but it will be in the first update. as for additional cv controls, i think that’s something best achieved with stoermelder wizardry, since i’m not sure where i’d put all the additional inputs!

maybe you can make an expander module for the inputs? (examples are impromtu modular or frozen wasteland expander modules)

that’s not a bad idea… expanders are a bit beyond my current skill level but it seems achievable enough.

I’m sure some of the other developers will be happy to help you expanding your skills.
Just open a thread in the developement category, where you describe your needs.

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nodes.vcv (54.1 KB)

instant mayhem - love it!!