Modules slug naming convention

I’m working on porting some plugins from v0.6 to V1. One issue that came up that I’ve got no answer relates to the modules slug naming convention. Specifically, a few of the modules (not the plugin slug, but rather a module slug in the plugin) have a space in the slug name. As of V1, a space in the slug is not allowed. Unfortunately, renaming the module slugs will break backwards compatibility with patches that were saved under v0.6. What issues/risks am I taking by leaving the modules slugs as they were originally written (with a space in them)?

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Spaces in slug names (in patch files) will be removed by Rack 1.0, so the slugs will be backwards compatible. Please remove the spaces, but don’t change the slug otherwise.

Reference to the normalizeSlug function.


I did not know that! Thank you very much.