Modules announced/rumoured to have a VCVRack version

Note: a more complete version of the title would be “Discussion thread for modules that were announced and/or rumored to be ported to VCV Rack that aren’t yet”.

I’d like to make a sort of not comprehensive list of modules that will/might be ported to Rack and discuss about them – whether X or Y feature will be discarded or implemented, how will be able to use it, will it fall into obscurity, and the like.

If you know anything more that I don’t, or if I’ve got something wrong, you can always leave a reply to this thread and I will commit myself to update the list.

Also, don’t ask Andrew, both for reasons of respect and because I haven’t seen him that responsive about it, and would rather leave a lot of this to the imagination.

Now, straight to the point: the modules.

— As a starting point, I’d like to mention the fact that Malekko’s Varigate 8+, 4+ and Voltage Block will be ported to Rack, as shown in Andrew’s talks/conferences. It was later confirmed by him that there will also be 11 more Malekko modules coming on the line. We’re not sure which ones they are, but what can be said is that ModularGrid counts around 11 generic (the ones that look full white, not the Richter/Wiard ones) modules, to which we can jump to the theory that those will be the modules on the library. Source: Andrew Belt on the Facebook group.

Befaco’s Muxlicer and Burst was obviously noticeable on one of the talks he gave in July, one point in which the presence of these two slide in. That’s all that’s known, nothing else.

Grayscale’s Permutation (both single, 8 and 16 trigger versions with the expander) is most sure to come, as seen in the same space the other previously mentioned modules were seen.

Source: terrible youtube screenshotting skills of mine of andrew’s talk/conference.

I will be looking forward to anything you all have to say about all this.


What happened to Malekko?