Module with nameable performance knobs

Hey, does anyone know of a module that has like a bunch of knobs for just sending cv? I imagine it would look something like the midi fighter twister, and it would be truly awesome if you could name the knobs too! I find hard to remember which ones in the patch that are interesting to twist.

8vert can do this since the first input is normalized to 10V and all others are normalized to the input above it.

Wow i thought 8vert only scaled incoming cv, thanks! Now if someone made one with editable names that would be wicked.

You could use LOGinstruments Tidy Up Cables for labels, alongside the 8vert. It lets you type names next to the jacks.


Take a look at AS Trigger MK2, don’t know if that is useful for you?

Thats great thanks for the tips!