Module to "sort" polyphonic channels?

I’m looking for a module that would take a polyphonic input (of v/oct in my case) and “sort” it so the output is ordered such that channel 0 has the lowest voltage signal and channel N has the highest voltage (extra credit for controls to allow ascending or descending sort).

I can’t find anything that looks like it will do that in the library. I’ll write one if there isn’t anything out there, but last time I did that (with my NoteMeter) it turned out I just hadn’t looked hard enough to find Impromptu’s Four-View.

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The Nysthi Multivoltimetro has a sort function available via the context menu.

There are three relevant options:

  • Sort poly voltages: set to on (checked)
  • Sort voltages ascending: set to on (checked) forascending, off (unchecked) for descending
  • Port 1 Out is POLY for all active values: set to on (checked)

Then plug your poly cable to the top left input port, and take your sorted poly output from the top right blue output port. The sorted values will also be displayed.

Aria Salvatrice has poly modules that sort, but they are not updated for rack 2.0, at least not in the library.

I believe there is at least one other module, but I can’t remember what it is.



The Count Modula Polyphonic Min/Max does it, too


MultiVoltimetro - Huh. I never realized that it could do that. That opens up interesting possibilities for home-brew arpeggiators.

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