Module To Selectively Randomize Parameters

Is there something akin to the randomization expander on Path Set’s Grid Sequencer for other modules? I know of Stoermelder’s Strip, but I’d like to avoid having to use several of them in a row if possible.

My goal is to have several triggers that can selectively randomize portions of a given module.

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@contemporaryinsanity Is this something your new module covers?

This will let you randomize 32 knobs with a single click - just have to map them using the CV-MAP module. Its inputs are from two Bogaudio Walk modules - triggered using 16 triggers in each of two poly cables.

If you built it, you must first right-click the Walk module to set “Jump” to select the polyphony and jump beahaviour to S&H. You can change the rate of the “WALK” module if you want more spread in the values.

Walk is +/- 5V - Need to right-click CV-MAP to change “signal input” to +/- 5V also
Forgot to change multivoltimetro to “channel 1 is poly out” - new file + screenshot uploaded

radomize-cv-map.vcvs (6.8 KB)


It never occurred to me that CV-MAP would do that. I was going to suggest a couple of µMAP modules, but CV-MAP saves a lot of real estate. I shall have to try it with Geodesics’ IONS.

Tiny Tricks “Sample and hold x16” will also provide 16 random values with one trigger, but the poly output of WALK looks handy.


I often prefer a slow walk to completely random.

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Not yet. It currently randomises parameters by a percentage over time, next job is the option to selectively exclude parameters from being randomised like Stoermelder STRIP.


Thanks @Jens.Peter.Nielsen et al, these suggestions are excellent! @contemporaryinsanity I’ll be keeping a lookout for that module. It sounds amazing!

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Had a Eureka moment earlier.

Randomise PatchMaster mapped to whatever you like :smiley:


Ha! Never thought of that! you can randomise up to 8 selectable controls across different modules from one instance of PM - good find! (or even up to 32 if you are happy for some of your randomisations to be common).

In fact combine that with Stoermelder Strip and you can potentially selectively randomise an entire multi-row patch. Strip randomises the strip of PatchMasters and PatchMaster randomises everything else.


Good innit :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe this calls for an offical

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 1.33.20 PM


wow dude. good thinking!

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