Module that randomly outputs one of two inputs

I want to create a semi-random chord progression where each step could be one of two different chords. Is there a module that can take two inputs and randomly output one or the other when triggered?

Noobhaur Baseliner.

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Yep - dag2099 is spot on. Baseliner can essentially act like the opposite of a Bernouli gate.

I did have to check to see if it was poly though.

Also a ML Modules sequential switch 8-1 can do that if you set it to two steps and send your trigger into the random input (and probably other switches with that capability too)

What Baseliner offers above this, is the addition of probability - ie weighting the random coin toss such that one input is more likely to be output than the other. I like to stick different clocks/gates into it and using it for random ratcheting - the probability then controls how much ratcheting you get.


Computerscare I Love Cookies can take up to 26 inputs and randomly output one of them every clock step. The inputs are labeled with upper-case letters A-Z. For your use case, type the formula {AB} in the top text box, connect a clock, and every clock the 1st output will either output input A or B. The formula {ABC} would output A, B, or C, and so on.


Your module was exactly what I was looking for, I was able to turn a 6 chord pattern into 128 possible loops, thanks!