Module selections shows more modules that I added

Hi, I’m new and discovering the beauty of VCV rack (I’ve installed version 2.0.6). I noticed something strange: I’ve dowloaded some of Omri Cohen’s patches. Obviously I get an error when these patches contain modules that I have not added… but with one of these patches (wolv.vcv) all of a sudden I do have a lot of modules available, even modules that are not shown in the online library. Also the selection screens has a different lay out (selection filters on the left instead of on top). When I load another patch or something I created myself all is back to ‘normal’ and only my ‘added’ modules show with the original selection lay out. Interesting though but strange…?

Anyone can explain this? Rob

I think you have installed Stoermelder MB and it’s inside the patch ?

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I hope @Yeager is right, because the next most likely explanation is that your Rack install is haunted :ghost:

If that’s not it, maybe post screenshots of the rack and the other browser?

Yes, that’s it. It was no real problem of course but I can’t stand things I don’t understand :smiley: Thanks!

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