? Module search + Tipps, i need a hand please

Hello forum,

i create here my “ask multiple questions” thread, since i have many Querys vs. specific functions/modules. Hope thats ok so.

i start my quest in post #2, please see there.

here, just some JFYI since i´m quasi new here: ( no neccessity to read)

  • i´m since many years into modular, mostly euro. since 2 years i patch mostly with plugins in the plugin host i use ( Gigperformer), and so i stumbled over VCV Rack2 anyway, and use it now too. Just as a very versatile FX unit, with better access to control parameters. Not doing any “modular-synth” patchings in the PC.
  • But the flood of modules is killing me. I have a hard time to find some needed (simple) modules.
  • my computer time is limited, my health is breaking on it. I just can´t give Rack2 the time it would deserve to get from me. So, i´m looking here for some advice…on the short path :wink: I´m btw. the same Funky40 as on modwiggler (/Muff Wiggler / long time member there)

first querys: (related to each other / could be that same modules work)

    1. i need a dual/stereo Gain add module. I need gain of x2, better more i guess. I just need to patch some gain compensations vs. gain loss. So, CV access is needed ! A module that could make a gain (stereo) of x4 would be handy too.
    1. i need a dual/stereo VCA module. (so far i use the Bogaudio, mix1 / x2)
    1. i need a simple dual/stereo crossfader. ( something i tryed was over my head)

i´d rate clear optics and clear functionality VERY high, vs. playful or overcomplicated design. stereo prefered over using 2x same module in mono

  1. Slap by Vult. Easy question! Or you could use NYSTHI dual dual LPG (4 LPGs in one module) for that.
  2. I think befaco have a crossfader (yep! Morphader).And Bogaudio have one… And maybe NYSTHI, it’s a huge collection. I am not sure if there is something they don’t have
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Also, about dual\stereo things… Most of the VCV modules are polyphonic, so you can merge a stereosignal into one wire and then split it after crossfading (not a very effective way of doing things, yeeeep, but it is a possibility!)… That is a huge difference between hardware modulars and VCV. Polyphony! I think Omri Cohen has a video about it. You can watch it on youtube!

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i see. Sounds over my head / not how i want to work

i will check.

but as i take it out: i might have to continue to deal with 2x mono modules

yup, i use alots of Vult ( filters mainly) guess i turned off of their VCA. need to check. Same with the befaco crossfader i guess. Need to check again. I know i had some problems/disunderstandings with the modules i found.

Thank you !

No problem!

Vult has two VCAs (that i use), both are stereo: Slap and Spank. Spank is more springy, more drum-like. Slap is what i use mostly. There’s an envelope, full ADSR one and an envelope output if you need one to modulate a filter or whatnot (i think Spank has only an ADR env, no sustain, but it also has an env out).

Yeah, so no problem! I think in few hours someone would answer your 1 question. I don’t use gain often… When i need one, i use Saturation on Debriator by Vult. It distorts a sound a bit, but i like it. And i am not sure how much gain you could apply before it starts to distort the sound, so… Sorry! But i bet someone knows and maybe they would also provide you with options for two other questions!

Good luck!

  1. There might be a stereo gain module, not sure, but I generally just use the mixer for that. In the MindMeld MixMaster track settings (which you access by right clicking on the track label), there is a gain adjust slider which gives you +/- 20dB. There is no CV access to this as it is a menu item but you can boost as required there and then control the track level with its Volume CV input. You might want to change the Vol CV input behaviour from the default ‘Fader control’ mode to Linear VCA in the global settings. When set to Linear VCA mode, this mixer also gives you 8 stereo VCAs…

  1. But if you want separate stereo VCA modules, you could try Punch from Vult (which has some character) and Stereo Strip from Befaco. The Vult Spank and Slap mentioned above are envelopes with built in VCAs, so there is no separate CV input for their VCA part (as it uses the envelope generated by the module for that).

  1. For a simple stereo Crossfader, check out Submarine XF-201 and XF-202. The 201 is a stereo Crossfader and the 202 is a pair of them.

One trick you might find useful when you need stereo behaviour but have mono modules (without getting into polyphony) is to use a macro knob (Like Vult Knobs) to control both modules at the same time like this:

Polyphony is pretty simple though really - here’s how you can use any ‘mono looking’ module that supports polyphony in stereo (the VCV VCA in this example) using the VCV Merge and Split modules.


If you want to start easy, just use two VCV VCA MIX and a KNOBS from Vult. You can achieve all your needs (x4 Gain, VCA and Crossfader) with that combination.

Amp with Gain x4:

VCA should be self-explanatory (just the CV1-Inputs).




Two more crossfaders you will recognise from Euro. You can use Knobs or another attenuverter if you want a single control.

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Thanks fro the tipps everybody ! Thats great. I´ll look into it later at home, when i´m on my music machine.

thats great advice, i was not aware. a special thanks to you @steve for the very thourough answer.

( while for my common usecase, this mixer is too big ( visual realestate) )

i think the mono vs. (poly-) stereo would make thinsg to confusing for me. Then i better deal with two single mono modules. in my usecase scenario, VCV Rack2 is allways just one plugin within many others, within my plugin host. I NEED to have everything -in a real live matter - visible. the screen realestate a patch takes IS here also allways a “issue”.