Module(s) for loudness CV

Anyone know of a module or module combo that would generate a CV signal that represents the loudness of an audio signal?

Not really bothered about the scale/units or ratio thereof, I can just use an attenuvertor afterwards.

My plan is to use this signal to control the room brightness based on the loudness of the current patch.

Entrian Follower.

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Sorry, I should have said for V2, this doesn’t appear to have been updated for V2

Although now that you have suggested that module, I realise that any envelope follower will work for what I want, I hadn’t connected in my head that loudness is just the envelope, so thanks :grin:

This will be fine for me VCV Library - Bogaudio FOLLOW

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It’s in V2.

And thanks for Bright Idea, my rack now ‘breathes’ :slight_smile:

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envelope follower

yes, there is a whole tag for Envelope Followers, and there are quite a few. most slew generators will do that, so they often use that tag.

Entrian Follower isn’t in the library yet for V2, but if anyone wants it, I can give them a build.

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Apologies for my mistake, I forgot I was testing Entrian before release - doh!

Vult Leakage and Vult Flux have envelope follower funcionality. And Frozen Wasteland has a compressor with envelope cv out afaik.

Envelope followers work well with Bright Idea


I’ve seen you’re solution but also you can use a slew limitier with separate rise and fall. Set the rise to 0 and the fall according to how much “tail” you want.