Module ideas


a score recorder, takes 8 pairs cv/gate, quantizes to a scale, writes out scores in some markup and midi. Expander to make it 16/24/32. because VCOs are good and all, but sometimes it’s good to have people playing your score.

Yes, I like your idea! A module with 8 audio inputs, 8 CVs inputs, 8 Gates inputs, 8 Quantizers ON/OFF, 1 Rotary Selector switch 1 to 8, and a Start/Stop switch. That module’s job would be to create as many (1 to 8) MIDI files according to the value of the Rotary Selector switch. The MIDI files can afterward be inserted into your choice DAW. That’s an awesome idea. Of course, if someone makes that module, it should be ‘clean cut’ presentation like a Doepfer module, and not super compact.

My original intended purpose of this thread was to curate well-thought-out new module ideas, in which the idea-makers agree to “meet the developers halfway” by putting a reasonable amount of effort into their ideas as a courtesy to developers who spend hours of their time reading these ideas and days implementing them.

When I created this thread in December 2019, I had not yet made the guideline that thread topics should only be questions, ideas, or announcements. After some thought, I feel it is best to close this “megathread” (thread of multiple topics) and encourage users to create a separate thread for every new module idea. Threads will be moderated under the Rules for Plugins & Modules category as normal.

If you have a module idea, feel free to create a new thread in the #plugins category.


To those who posted in this thread: feel free to contact me if you’d like your module proposal/idea to be moved to a new separate topic.

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