Module idea: Geonkick

Would it be possible/feasible to make a module out of Geonkick? The project has now been frozen but it is open source so could be continued in some form.

I’m not sure how well it would fit modular but as a user I would be thrilled to such a tool available.


it may not have the fancy UI, but isn’t this basically what Vult’s Trummor does?

Looking at the controls for Geonkick it looks pretty similar but it seems to have 2 oscillators plus noise whereas Trummor has 1? Or I’m ignorant?

It has samples as well, and layers, compression, distortion, distinct wave selection, filter for each oscillator. For sure it’s similar to Trummor but I think only in terms of the building blocks of drum synthesis.

The Kit function could work really well with polyphony, you could synthesize all of your drums from this module, either sampled or synthesized, or both.

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