Module CV-MAP for CV-controlling any knob, slider or switch

(Ben) #1

Hi all,
I’m new here and I’ve been using Rack just for a few weeks, but I’m very impressed with the wide variety of available modules, especially loving the geodesics modules :slight_smile:
Having near zero experience in dsp development I never thought I would do a own module, but being a quite skilled C# programmer, here is a first glimpse!
It is hugely based on Mr. Belts recently added module MIDI-MAP in Rack v1, I just exchanged the MIDI CC input by 16 CV inputs using one poly-cable. There are many nice sequencer modules out there, but only very few allow modulating single steps by CV, so I created this module for my own usage…

So, what do you think?

(Stephan) #2


(Andrew Belt) #3

Only problem I see is that the Fundamental panel license does not allow derivative works. See the file in the repository.

(Ben) #4

Ok no problem, I‘ll replace the panel before releasing anything. Thanks for the advice!

(jue) #5

Sorry, but modulating the Seq knobs is a derivative work?
This is a joke?
The modulation of sequencer steps could be done in Numerology more that ten years btw.

(jue) #6

Ok, I see the panel design is the problem?
But its a real useful idea and module, just make it yellow and its ok?

(Skrylar) #7

It’s because ey changed the branding label at the bottom. By CC standards that makes the panel “derivative.”

If @ben2012 wants it, here’s a faceplate patterned from David’s CC-SA template instead (some resizing may be required):

ben2012_cvmap-cooked-fs8 (3.5 KB)

(Phil Golden) #8

Suggest a name change “PARAM-O-MATOR”

(jue) #9

What about VC-PA?

(Rémi Collin) #10

I think CV-MAP is pretty self explanatory, when aside of MIDI-MAP, what you guys don’t like about it ?

(jue) #11

you are right, who cares the name, its just a real great module!

(Rémi Collin) #12

Oh yes, It will be so useful !

(Ben) #13

Thanks, Looks like a nice template :+1:

(Ben) #14

Some updates:

  • Designed by own front panel
  • Added unipolar and bipolar signal mode on context menu
  • Increased the mapable parameter count to 32
  • Added parameter numbering on display

I also created a second module CV-PAM that does kind of the opposite: You can bind to any parameter and get CV for its movement. Using CV-MAP and CV-PAM togehter you will be able to sync knob changes of two (or more) modules :astonished: