Module commission

I hope this kind of post is allowed here, let me know if its in the wrong place…

I’m interested in commissioning a Multichannel WAV player module to be created.

It’s features would be:

  • load a folder of multichannel wav’s
  • prev/next wav file buttons
  • play, stop
  • forward loop of wav
  • coarse & fine pitch control (changing the playback speed, causing pitch to change)
  • volume control
  • output all channels on single Poly cable.
  • individual mono outs for each channel would be a bonus but not required.
  • minimum amount of channels it would need to play is 5. maximum of 7 channels is fine.

waveform view of the audio file is not necessary

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i think he might be too busy at the moment. but thats the dream!

hours, minutes or seconds (min, max) for source files ?

id be fine with 1 minute minimum. 5 mins max,

but better if it could do up to 30mins or 1hour max.

1H 8 tracks 96kHz will be 20.6 gb of memory… (in 64 bit floating point format) huge…

I almost always have files that are below 5mins, 48khz.

I said 1 hour in the event i’d use the module to playback a single file for an art installation or something.

Can keep it small. 3 mins max, 48khz.

I almost always use 5channel wav files. Sometimes I use 7 channels but it’s rare.

Can do 3 minutes max, 48khz, 5 channel WAV…

There is no reason to record anything as 64 bit double. On the other hand 20G is not that much memory these days.

So maybe a more realistic case is 44k, 32 bit → about 5G?

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This is only for playback just in case that wasn’t clear :smiley: