Module browser weird rendering

Hi, I’m almost done with AS free plugin porting to V1, pretty straightforward, but I’m getting this weird rendering on the module browser (ports are rendered twice, with offset positions), what could it be?:

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Does it happen on multiple OS’s? Is it consistent? Are you calling standard createPort() functions etc? Have you completed Phase 2 of the migration manual?

Hi Andrew:
Turns out I left behind some graphics outside the bounding box on the port and a knob svg files, fixed now, sorry.

Ah, I see, so the ports were fake and were baked into the SVG. I’ve probably done that before.

Was going to ask if you have elements outside the page border :yum: :+1:

Also did it in one of the other plugins hehe

I saw the blank with the bus board that actually looks great in the browser wouldn’t go fixing that!

I’m tempted change the colors and size of the bus board to match Rack background :slight_smile:

No, looks the business as is!

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