ML: Quantum Multiverse live stream replay

Here is the replay from yesterday’s live stream, all about Quantum Multiverse from ML. It was so much fun!


Was a great livestream, triggered so many ideas - thanks Omri. One question - I’m struggling to get my head round using one quantum to modulate another, when they are connected together with output of one going to note of the other then a gate triggering, what exactly is happening, and what does it sound like?

Hi! I’m really happy you enjoyed the stream, it was really fun :slight_smile: About Quantum, the signal coming in at the Note input will choose the note that will be toggled on and off, and the trigger coming in at the Trigger input will tell Quantum when to toggle the Note. Let’s say that you use only one Quantum and you send an unquantized signal to Note input. Then, all of the notes would be toggled on and off. If you send this unquantized signal through another Quantum first though, you can quantize the selected notes to be from a certain scale. Let’s say that the unquantized signal will be quantized to the C minor scale before going into the Note input of another Quantum, then the notes that will be toggled on and off will be only from the C minor scale. That way, you can add a variety of notes and still stay in the same scale. Does this makes sense?

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Genius Omri

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Cheers, David! But I think that Martin Lueders is the genius in this case…

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Thanks for the explanation, Omri - so you use a second quantum to decide which notes are toggled on and of from the original settings on the first quantum which is fed to the vco, that makes sense. Then of course you can use outputs from both simultaneously to separate vco’s, for example.

Yes totally. You can use both for different oscillators.