ML Modules S&H 8: Has an internal noise generator

Found this out accidentally. ML Modules S&H has an internal random source; if you just plug in triggers, it still generates random values. It makes sense, but because it isn’t documented, I’ve been adding a noise source and plugging it into each input jack.

Fun thing is to plug all the outputs into a Merge Module for polyphonic randomness!


Yes, that was introduced in the last update, but you have to keep in mind that the noise source is normalled through the outputs so if you’re using the same triggers you will get eventually the same result…


Good to know thanks !

Cool. This is new! It didn’t before!

Was this documented anywhere?

For a unit like this wouldn’t it make just as much sense to call the random number generator for each port for each sample? ‘Good enough’ RNGs are super cheap computationally.

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