ML Counter starting

Hi everyone!

… how can i start counting of ML Counter automatically with clock? For now, I’m still starting it manually on the module … :v:

from the manual

The counter is activated by a pulse on START IN.

thanx … I know, but I still have to start it at the beginning once manually (when i opened the patch) then it works …

hm. works here with Impromptu Modular’s Clocked. Connect “Reset” to “Start” input, set Clocked settings “On Start -> Send reset pulse” (right-click-menu)

… yes, it would work with the autoreset on “start in”, although I haven’t tried it like this yet … but now I have “start in” and “stop out” connected for to repeat it … :thinking: … (I’m counting irregular gates in this case)

… maybe I should use SUM to connect two triggers (from “stop out” and from RUN of CLOCK)

… ahaaaa … it works anyway if I connect Reset or Run of CLOCK to “stop in” (if “stop out” and “start in” are connected) ! … heureka …