Missing plugins when loading patches


when loading patches from e.g. patchstorage.com I get a message “could not find module [missing module name here]”.
I have installed required modules yet I get the message.

I understand that this is to do with versions of the plugins, but I’m wondering what there is to do? It seems pretty futile to start to hunt the correct version of the plugins for the patch and this could mean need to downgrade plugins to get the correct version.

I like the sound of Rack and the way the whole project has expanded through 3rd party plugins. I love the community and sharing patches, yet this is weird.
Is this the way VCV Rack works?



My guess is that you’re pulling up a patch that was created in v0.5.x .

if you’re handy with a text editor (Notepad works, but I suggest Notepad++, open up the .vcv patch file, and replace the offending lines with these:


  "plugin": "Autodafe-Drum Kit",
  "version": "0.6.0",
  "model": "Drums - Kick",


  "plugin": "Autodafe-Drum Kit",
  "version": "0.6.0",
  "model": "Drums - Snare",

Thanks for the reply!
This clears up my confusion with the patches. Its the DIY way to go here.

The error message could point out the version its looking for or somehow open up what the problem is. For the uninitiated user it doesn’t make really any sense :man_shrugging:

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I remember having to go through a lot of patches where i used DHE Booster Stage because it changed name to Boosterstage. Annoying when you’re trying to do a patch compilation video and not something you’d notice until you come back to a patch later.

This seems like an obvious caveat for the community to share and compose patches for the constant threat of missing plugins.

For example if the plugins would use a separate numerical tag for Rack to identify them, rather than case sensitive name there would be less confusions with the patches.
You could change the name of the plugin or update the versions, yet the ID number would remain the same.

Anyhoo, the problem is solved and I got the patches working. Cheers!

In Rack v1, plugin/module slugs are “normalized”, so spaces are invalid slug characters (like spaces) are removed before the plugin/module is searched.
Other than that, it’s up to the plugin developer to keep their slugs consistent and release updates for each Rack ABI version.

Ugh. Was that recent? In any case, it was an error. And one that I was not aware of until now.

It was last year so don’t worry. It only came up when I was making a compilation of old patches earlier this year.

HI will there be a feature implemented to offer to download the missing modules when loading patches?

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I’m with thisguy. A way around all this hassle would be huge! Greetings.

High on my feature wishlist is to have VCV temporality download missing modules while you have a patch open.