Missing plugin.json

Hi there, thanks for the Awesome VCV rack community! I am trying to install plugin/modules that are not part of the official library. Like MSM modules or 21Khz modules with Palm Loops. But plugin.json files are missing so modules are not loading within VCV rack. Can you help? Thanks a lot Christophe

These plugins are for v0.6 and won’t work in v1 without porting.

Thanks for the quick update… this is very sad! abybody can share the plugin.json? because in the log.txt file it just says that this is missing, and this is the reason why these modules are not loading…

Even with the plugin.json they won’t work. They are compiled for v0.6 and must be ported before they can be used in v1. I‘m not sure if anyone is working on that.

hope somebody is working on that because we are missing great modules like PalmLoop!

MSM is proprietary, so unless Michael is working on it, no one is. But isn’t someone working on 21kHz? Or am I imagining things?

You are right,

@christophe.bocquet if on windows we have this :

Mac/Linux via Facebook :

And @netboy3 is also working on a port but has no downloadable distributions AFAIK :

I’ve ported 21kHz a while ago. I just posted builds for all platforms on the issue tracker in the 21kHz GitHub repo which you can find HERE.


A few of us have been working tirelessly on porting the abandoned plugins. During the past month I have ported 8 plugins. Each porting process ends with posting pull requests to the original developer, but unfortunately only two developers responded back and moved forward to actually get their ported plugin into the manager. The only way to get those lost plugins back in if the dev is unresponsive is to:

  1. Post the pull request and intent to port on the developer’s GitHub repo
  2. Patiently wait (for a few weeks) for any life signs
  3. “Adopt the plugin” (as Andrew names it) by submitting the plugin to the library with the same slug from your own GitHub repo (haven’t done that yet so I’m not sure how painful this is)

The part of bringing the plugins into the library is actually more painful for me than the actual work on porting them. It would have been great if there were better and clearer definitions and rules as to when a plugin is considered abandoned and can be “adopted”.


Thank you so much, palm loop is alive now!!!