Missing features in VCV

can we mention/discuss these here?

I haven’t decided on the rules for any categories yet, but if I allow feature requests in any way, posting it in Development would be off-topic.

Edit: Feature request threads in the VCV Rack category are off-topic and will be locked.

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I think it makes great sense to allow feature requests in the Github tracker only.

However, people do love to discuss feature wishes, no matter how practical or unpractical they might be to implement, and I do think it would make sense to have a thread for free-form feature discussion, if only for the purpose of merging discussion from other threads when they veer towards this kind of discussion. If somebody decides to file a “formal” feature request in Github based on the discussion, that could also be mentioned in the feature discussion thread.

What do you think?

It’s a good idea on the surface, but allowing that here would create dozens of duplicate threads for every possible feature request and would be extremely annoying for me and anyone trying to find real non-hypothetical information about using Rack.

If you want, you can type wishes in a text document and delete it after you’re satisfied typing, as it would achieve the same effect as posting in a forum. I’m already backed up 50 years in feature requests (meaning that I’ll only address a small fraction anyway), and it’s a 99% chance I’ve thought about each idea before.


Thanks for giving me a good belly laugh Andrew :wink:

(NOT directed at you @vehka)

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