Minor update to Comp and Comp II

The new version is in the library now. As previously announced the new features are:

Minimum release time now 5ms. Maximum attack time now 350ms. Now the VU meters are “lights”, so they show up brighter with Modular Fungi “Lights Off”. Removed the tooltip from the channel selector as it was both incorrect and in the way.


Thanks for that! It’s especially helpful for faster sidechaining results as well if I’m not mistaken?

Greets J

ohhh thank you so much for the update Bruce! Sidechain now can push signals as hell with that short release. Still I have small short complain overall for using PEAK compressor as a sidechain. It always creates microclicks, can be reduced by increasing attack but sometimes it creates too long time for pushing signal down. RMS mode (I used the switch in ableton compressor for the purpose) serves sidechaining well even with shortest attack time with no click. So consider it as a future request if you’re curious of course. But your channel compressor really helps now to push out any instruments from the mix and it’s great. You can check this video where it’s in action - https://youtu.be/Xm_NQ-xE0pQ

I suspect rms compressor with short attack time doesn’t really have a short attack time,as the rms part itself tends to already impart an attack. But I could be wrong about that.