MindMeld Shape Master (Pro) Patches Ideas

Can we start a thread for patches with Shape Master Pro ? The possibilities seem endless with this module. Maybe this can be a place for ideas, questions, dreams…

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Here’s some YT links:


Top links and very educational. I am curiuos what else (what not) ShapeMaster can do.

Me too.

I use it for arranging tracks, as a sort of DAW timeline. I made a tutorial explaining the technique using the free version here: Song arrangement with Shapemaster - YouTube

Normally I use 2 instances of Shapemaster Pro, both clocked and lasting the duration of the track. One of the instances controls the level of the voices in the mix (1 channel of Shapemaster per voice), and the other instance controls general modulation. It’s a bit cumbersome but it works and has allowed me to make full (non-generative) tracks without leaving VCV Rack.