MindMeld Announcements: MixMaster

It was changed recently to show what it is using

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Ah ok! Thanks Paul!

Found that Aux sends -> Post fader gives me exactly what I was looking for :+1:


Just want to say thanks again. The more I use this, I become even more impressed than I originally was. It’s like you guys really thought of everything (moving tracks, per channel input gain trim, filters, inserts, channel linking…). This is better than the consoles in some DAWs I’ve used.


Not sure a 4 channel version is really in scope for this mixer. There are already plenty of 4 channel mixers that work well for submixing (you can use the Chain input rather than a track for that btw). We might consider an 8 channel version but again there are already some good 8 channel mixers in VCV. Foremost on our minds though is VCV Console - a commercial plugin the sales of which help support the VCV platform itself - we would need to think very carefully before coming out with an 8 channel version of our mixer that would directly compete with it (and be free…). Right now we are focussed on producing some other modules which break new ground.


You’re very welcome @funkybot, glad you like it!

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Seriously impressive work guys!


Awesome stuff. Should you need some docs proof-reading… just sayin’. :slightly_smiling_face:

Omri gave an excellent tutorial/overview on MixMaster yesterday - here’s a link to his video in case you missed it.


Thanks, I watched it, and the other ones too. The proof-reading offer is actually serious, the smiley notwithstanding.

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This mixer made my day, all I could think off when I was at work today… Input filters! Dude, it sounds sooo good!


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May just take you up on that kind offer tekNico once the manual is completed which I am trying to finish off now :slight_smile:

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Hey Nico - sent you a PM about the manual :slight_smile:

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Congrats with hitting the plugin library!

As a professional documentation nut, I cannot get over how good not only the mixer itself is, but the manual too. Presenting all those features in such a clear way is no easy feat.

You could have asked $50 or more for this thing, instead you released the code as FLOSS: that melts my heart. :heart: I hope you get many contributions, both in money and improvements; I’m doing my part. :wink:


Thank you so much for the encouragement Nicola, much appreciated!

Is there a way to just solo an aux to hear only the wet signal? I like to solo my reverb busses every now and then to fine tune them. However, when I solo an Aux track in MindMeld, it only seems to mute the other Aux tracks, leaving channels 1-8 or 1-16 playing. I’d like it so the source tracks are still feeding into the Aux, but the only thing that’s audible is the Aux output, which should then be routed directly to the master.

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Yes. Global menu > Aux Returns > Mute tracks when soloing aux returns.

This does exactly what you describe.



Reworked my template for this mixer, this is a killer. Great job, guys, looking for next modules from you!


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